Lafaiete Photography specializes in portrait, artistic, studio and fantasy themed photography.

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My name is Waldinei. It should be pronounced as Vow.Gee.Nay. I am from Brazil and my American friends call me Wally.

Lafaiete Photography specialized in conceptual photography. That means that when I snap an image I am capturing more than just a moment in time – I am adding my artistic view to the image and freezing it into my visual world where my imagination inhabits.

My artistic approach to photography is largely influenced by my Brazilian cultural heritage. The multi-faceted atmosphere, rhythms, colors, vibrancy and textures of Carnaval still influence my work.

I enjoy photographing people and have a deep appreciation for the human form’s innate sensuality. I thrive on discovering new talent for my photography projects and I am always open to new artistic approaches.

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